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Funke Akindele (as Ma'ami) in between takes

A number of logistical challenges delayed our movement today. The butchers do not work on Sundays, so we were not able to film the final scene at the market as previously hoped. We finished one scene at the petrol station in which Ma’ami encounters a wealthy acquaintance played by Fatai Adiyeloja. In addition, we witnessed another crew-to-cast transformation when our editor, Ola’kazeem Agboola, was recruited to play a gas station attendant.  The afternoon rains canceled other planned sequences, which have been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Becky Olorunpomi (Continuity), Adejare Adeniregun (First Assistant Director), Funke Akindele (as Ma'ami), and Tunde Kelani review the script

Funke Akindele (as Ma'ami) consoles Ayomide Abatti (as Young Kashimawo)

Fatai Adiyeloja (as Fat Man) and Funke Akindele (as Ma'ami)

Fatai Adiyeloja (as Fat Man) and Funke Akindele (as Ma'ami), with Ola’kazeem Agboola (as Petrol Station Attendant)

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Funke Akindele and the crew gather to watch the first batch of rushes

With the arrival of Hakeem Olowookere (Editor), Funke Akindele and the crew gathered to watch the first batch of rushes before he takes them to Lagos to be assembled into a rough cut.  After the first rough cut is completed next week, the second batch of rushes will be delivered to Olowookere, thus allowing Kelani to begin work on the final cut. Kelani hopes the simultaneous workflow will push him to complete the film by late December for submission to FESPACO (Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou) in late February.

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The storm collapsed the tent covering the crew's eating area


The crew has not let inclement weather delay progress on production. While shooting has stalled for the day, Agboola Ola’kazeem (Editor) uses the time to color correct and transcode the footage shot yesterday. He has identified the sunset in the scene as a challenge to color correction: “The light keeps on fading, so I will have to break the scene down frame by frame and work on it.”

Agboola Ola’kazeem (Editor) color edits and transcodes footage from yesterday

Meanwhile, Tolu Abiodun (Digital Image Technician) reviews the 1,075 friend requests that Tunde Kelani has accumulated on Facebook. These will add to Kelani’s existing roster of 4,700+ friends and ensure that status updates from the set reach a wider audience. However, how will Abiodun cope with Facebook’s limit of 5,000 friends per user? Will you make the cut?

Tolu Abiodun (Digital Image Technician) reviews Tunde Kelani's Facebook friend requests

In the other house, Joy Akalu (Wardrobe) turns a recent delivery of fresh fruit into a refreshing pineapple and watermelon salad (with a dash of orange juice).

Joy Akalu (Wardrobe) makes a fruit salad

Stay tuned for more updates from location!

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