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The crowded red carpet at Wale Adenuga's 'The Perfect Church' premiere, Silverbird Galleria. Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

I caught up with veteran television producer, Wale Adenuga, last night during the premiere festivities at Silverbird Galleria for his first feature film in years, The Perfect Church. According to Adenuga, “The message is two-fold: It is never too late to turn over a new leaf. Secondly, we must learn humility because we are just ordinary human beings before God.”

The crowded red carpet at the premiere of Wale Adenuga's 'The Perfect Church', Silverbird Galleria. Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

The “inspirational” film features an all-star cast, including Olu Jacobs; Ramsey Noah; Funke Akindele; Ngozi Ezeonu; Hakeem Rahman; Norbert Young; Olayinka Olukunga; and Jibola Dabo.

Inside the theater at the premiere of Wale Adenuga's 'The Perfect Church'. Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

Adenuga plans a 6-month cinema run in theaters across Africa, including Ghana and Kenya.

[DISCLAIMER] While this blog is not the appropriate forum to discuss this, I completely abhorred the film’s treatment of the subject of homosexuality. I recognize that it’s a reflection of the majority of Nigerians’ opinion, but I’ll leave it to the great Chinua Achebe to say what I feel:

Without doubt, the times in which we live influence our behavior, but the best or merely the better among us…are never held hostage by their times.

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