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University of Lagos Auditorium. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu


Today, we returned to the University of Lagos campus to film the pivotal concert scene. eLDee performed the film’s theme song, Ota Mi, to a packed auditorium of excited students. Dancer Kaffy choreographs the sequence for 12 dancers, including Funke Akindele (as Jenifa), Denrele Edun (as Dancer), and Seun Chukwuemeka (as Sumbo).


eLDee performs 'Ota Mi' at the University of Lagos. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

The power (un)expectedly went out during the taping of the performance, but eLDee quickly recovered and resumed singing once the crew turned on the generator.

Jenifa (played by Funke Akindele), Kaffy (played by Herself), and eLDee (played by Himself). Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

The cast and crew celebrate backstage. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

Tomorrow, we will move to Silverbird Galleria to shoot our few remaining scenes in Lagos before moving the production to Ikorodu on Friday.


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eLDee arrives on set. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

I encountered eLDee on set, where he is playing himself in the film. The seasoned musician describes his part as a “responsible role model” to Jenifa. eLDee is also contributing original music to the score–his song Otami will be the theme song for the film and will serve as the background music for the big performance number.

eLDee (as Himself) and Funke Akindele (as Jenifa) between takes. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

Area boys in Ajah. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

In the afternoon, we ventured further into Ajah, where we encountered local Area Boys. They stopped the equipment truck and demanded N20,000 per car to enter the private housing estate where we had planned to shoot the rehearsal scene.

Funke Akindele preps the extras for the Ewatomi Hostel scene. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

Girl 1 (played by Kemi Lepe), Girl 2 (played by Raheem Motunrayo), and Gbogbo Big Girl (played by Eniola Badmus). Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

Determined to continue the shooting schedule, Muhydeen S. Ayinde (Director 1) and DJ Tee (Director of Photography) changed locations to a nearby hotel to film exterior scenes and to capture the remaining daylight.  The Area Boys followed us to the hotel, where they watched us film two scenes in which the Gbogbo Big Girl (played by Eniola Badmus) recruit hostel residents.

Setting up on the roof for the night shoot. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

Muhydeen S. Ayinde (Director 1) and DJ Tee (Director of Photography). Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

As day turned into night and as the pile of their discarded beer bottles grew, the Area Boys grew more insistent in their demands for more money. This disruption escalated into a rowdy bar fight and delayed production for another hour. After we had compensated them and shot the final scene for the day, the clock turned 11:00 PM and we marked another exhausting 16-hour day on set.

The confrontation scene. Photo © 2010 Bic Leu

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