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Daniel Ademinokan (Director). Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

I arrived on the Ghetto Dreamz set this morning and found it almost empty. Daniel Ademinokan (Director) explained that the cast and crew had been shooting Da Grin’s death bed scene in a local hospital until 2AM the night before. Thus he wanted to give everyone some extra time to rest–especially since today’s shooting schedule would be equally hectic. Yemi Awoponle (Director of Photography) explained that he plans to capture the pivotal car crash scene tonight on an Ikeja expressway using ropes, a tractor trailer, and two cars–including Da Grin’s own damaged vehicle.

Titilayo Akinode (Make-up) preps Trybson (as Da Grin). Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

Doris S. Ademinokan (as Chi Chi) in the make-up chair. Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

By noon, everyone was ready to resume work. We shot a restaurant scene with Da Grin and Chi Chi, his girlfriend, in which the rapper reveals a softer side. Per Trybson (as Da Grin), he has recorded a single, Life in the Ghetto, which will be released on the movie soundtrack by Stingomania Records. (Stingomania Records is owned by Executive Producer Ope Banwo).

Doris S. Ademinokan (as Chi Chi) and Trybson (as Da Grin). Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

Ademinokan expects to finish shooting by Friday, after which he will spend two weeks in post-production to complete a cut by mid-March. The film is scheduled to premiere around the April 22 anniversary of Da Grin’s death.

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Daniel Ademinokan (Director) and Saheed A. Abolaji (Assistant Director/Continuity) oversee the script reading with Trybson (as Da Grin), Slip P (as Henry Hope) and Soji Jacobs (as Leo). Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

Today, I visited the set on the sixth day of shooting of the much-anticipated Da Grin biopic, Ghetto Dreamz: Story of Da Grin. Executive producer Ope Banwo of  Stingomania Entertainment recruited Daniel Ademinokan (Guilty Pleasures, Bursting Out) to direct and to write the script. Stingomania Records recording artist Trybson plays the title role.

Trybson (as Da Grin), Slip P (as Henry Hope) and Soji Jacobs (as Leo). Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

Saheed A. Abolaji (Assistant Director/Continuity) marks another take. Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

Yemi Awoponle (Director of Photography) and Daniel Ademinokan (Director). Photo © 2011 Bic Leu

The movie chronicles the meteoric rise and tragic death of the 23 year-old rapper. The production schedule covers 133 scenes in 14 days. Ghetto Dreamz is scheduled to be released in theaters in Nigeria, US, UK, and Canada in April 2011 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Da Grin’s untimely death.

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